Sometimes purple amethyst and yellow citrine colors are found in the same crystal. These bicolor yellow and purple quartz gemstones are called ametrine. The Anahi Mine in Bolivia produces most of the world's ametrine.


Princess Anahi

The Anahi Mine first became famous in the 17th century when Spanish conquistador Don Luis Felipe received it as a dowry after marrying Bolivian princess Anahi of the Ayoreos tribe.


Symbol of a Divided Heart

Legend has it that rather than allow Princess Anahi to accompany her conquistador groom back to Europe, her tribe sacrificed her and buried her at the foot of the ametrine mine. Upon returning to Europe, Don Luis Felipe presented ametrine as a gift to the Spanish Queen. Ametrine has since been thought of as a symbol of a divided heart.

Balancing Physical & Spiritual

Ametrine is also thought of as doubly powerful. Being made of both amethyst and citrine, ametrine holds the properties of both amethyst and citrine. Amethyst helps to visualize dreams and citrine helps to realize dreams and make them come true. Thus, ametrine is said to balance the spiritual and the physical worlds.

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