Microcrystalline vs. Crystalline Quartz

Chalcedony is the general name for all varieties of microcrystalline quartz. While all types of quartz have the same chemical makeup, quartz may have either a microcrystalline form, where crystals are so small that they cannot be seen without some kind of visual aid, or a crystalline form, where crystals are large enough to be seen with the human eye.

All varieties of microcrystalline quartz are generally referred to as chalcedony; however the term chalcedony also refers specifically to a particularly fine variety of blue chalcedony.

A hard, durable gemstone, chalcedony may be cloudy, translucent or opaque, with a waxy luster like a polished candle.

Varieties of Chalcedony

Some varieties of chalcedony are agate, carnelian, chrysoprase, and onyx. Jasper is a special variety of chalcedony that due to its high content of foreign materials is usually quite opaque.


In Victorian Times, dreaming of chalcedony foretold of friends rejoined.


Hour: 8:00 pm

Birthstone, pre-1900, Arabic:  June
Birthstone, pre-1900, Jewish:  May
Birthstone, pre-1900, Polish:  June
Birthstone, pre-1900, Russian: June

Wedding anniversary, pre-1900: 39th

Apostle: Andrew

Star: Tail of Capricorn 15Âș of Aquarius

Planet: Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn
Countries: Norway and Sweden

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naturally-formed chalcedony-filled nodule

polished chalcedony cabochons

hand-carved Karl FabergĂ© pig made of chalcedony

ancient Syrian seal stone made of honey-colored chalcedony, showing a goat with a sheaf of wheat

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