Like the sea itself, aquamarine may be transparent or cloudy and may range in color from light grayish-blue to deep greenish-blue.

Though aquamarine may have glass-like transparency, certain inclusions called jardin, after the French word for "garden," may not only increase the beauty of an otherwise plain stone, but also provide evidence of the gemstone's authenticity.

Aquamarine is related to emerald and other varieties of precious beryl.

The ancient Greeks traded aquamarine from India and referred to the stone as Indian beryl.


A Good Luck Charm for Sailors

Deriving its name from the Latin phrase meaning "water of the sea," aquamarine is a good luck charm for sailors and is said to prevent seasickness.

Divinely Life Giving

Aquamarine's gentle blue color arouses good feelings of trust, harmony, and friendship. Being the color of the sky and sea, aquamarine is thought to be divine and life-giving.

Dreaming of Aquamarine

In Victorian times, dreaming of aquamarine was thought to foretell of new friends.


Birthstone, modern: March
Birthstone, pre-1900, Arabic: October
Birthstone, pre-1900, Jewish: October
Birthstone, pre-1900, Polish: October
Birthstone, pre-1900, Roman: October

Wedding anniversary, traditional: 19th

Angel: Barbiel

Zodiac: Scorpio

US State:
Colorado: official state gemstone

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